About us

Welcome to Lancaster People’s Café!

We use intercepted food to provide meals, cakes and drinks on a pay as you feel basis

pay as you feel

intercepted foodWe launched in September 2015 with a fundraising café event.  We run a pop up café most months and plan to run more often as more volunteers come on board.  We always need people and if you think you can help out then we’d love to hear from you.  Our aim is to create a social space that is welcoming and accessible to all.  We don’t want anyone to feel shut out because money is tight or because they feel they don’t belong.  The café should be an enjoyable place where people with money are happy to pay and people who are short of funds feel just as valued as anyone else.  We want the café to be a social hub, where people mix and there is a true sense of community.

So if you agree with our values and want to help us create this inclusive space, then please get in touch to find out more, volunteer to become an active part of our growing community, or donate to help us make it a reality.

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