Retailers and Food Waste

eggsSuddenly, it seems like food waste is big news!  We were really interested to see Sainsburys roll out their new programme on food waste at home.  We recognise that according to the official figures most food waste occurs in domestic settings, but there is still a good deal of food waste at the retail level and we hope that our local Sainsburys will be responsive to our request to work in partnership on this issue.

Morrisons vows to donate all unsold food to charity.  What fantastic news this is!  Stephen Butts, head of corporate responsibility for Morrisons, said to the Times: “The challenge is finding the right community partners to work with. What we have available will vary. Ideally we morrisonsare looking for groups that can cook the food, meaning they can blend it with food from other sources.”  Well, that’s us!  We have approached Morrisons and hope for good news soon!

fareshareAt the same time, Fareshare have opened a brand new branch for Lancashire and Cumbria.  Because they are a new branch they are actively looking for new community groups and charities who can make use of their hard work and the food they collect.  We certainly can.  We have contacted Fareshare to see if we can work together to support our project in Lancaster.  These are good times for projects around food waste, so let’s all build on that positive energy and get this project humming!