Mid-Winter Market

We were invited by ‘Growing Our Local Food Economy’ (GOLFE), which a project coordinated by LESS, which as it’s name suggests, aims to strengthen and grow local food economy.  With us on the market were:  Cockerham Boer Goats, with their home grown goat meat; The Sewing Cafe, making and mending and promoting slow fashion; Filbert’s with gorgeous locally made bread and bakery produce; and lots of otehr local food producers.  The atmosphere was amazing!  Our chef, Elizabeth, had mixed up stir fry sauces and was using intercepted rice and noodles to make amazing stir fries,  we had a guess the weight of the Christmas Cake competion, won by Sarah, from Single Step, along with our usual soups and cakes and free shop of intercepted groceries, including 48 boxes of cocoa-pops which we handed out to passers by.  Lots of people stopped to talk to us and we fed lots of people including a number of homeless people who sait with us and had hot food, and lots of food to take away.