Marsh Community Centre Benefit Cafe

Our next cafe event is taking place this Saturday at Marsh Community Centre.  The centre is very much part of the local community with services for young people, teenagers, job seekers, families and others.  They run a food bank that we have been happy to be able to support for a while with our FareShare overstock.  The centre is at risk of closure due to savage funding cuts.  There are appeals underway from the centre and from local people who value its work.  We hope those appeals will be successful and the funding cuts will be reversed.  In the meantime, we are pleased to run this cafe for everyone who wants to come along.  If you’re a regular at the centre, then we hope to see you there.  If you’ve never been to Marsh Community Centre, then this is your chance to come along and get an idea of the work they do.  Any funds raised from this cafe event will be donated to the centre.

The menu isn’t finalised yet, but we know we will have a vegetarian soup, some quiche, chicken pies, pulled pork, and probably some cheesy pasta.  We hope to have some cake and we have masses of fruity yoghurts!  Come on down, get some lovely food, see some friends, and show your support for Lancaster People’s Cafe and Marsh Community Centre.