Making a Plan

coffeeWe’re getting together to plan out what we need to do for the next few months.  There’s such a huge wave of enthusiasm for the waste food project at the moment, and we need to build on that.  We’re looking to network locally and get all the major retailers on board.  We also need to look at our new premises at the Juke Joint and figure out how this can work for us and what changes we might need to make.  It would be great to have some people with practical skills and know how on board!  We’re also looking at how we organise as a community group and how we make decisions.  If we’re to be able to apply for grant funding, there are some conditions we need to meet and so we need to create a basic constitution that we’re all happy with.  There are lots of ways we can take this project.  For some people it’s about social inclusion and community, for other it’s about food poverty and fighting austerity, for others it’s the chance to make a social hub of like minded people to get together and organise politically, and for many the issues of food waste and the food system are fundamentally important.  We hope that with this new wave of interest in food waste and the food system, we might be able to intercept more food and run our cafe more frequently.  We might also be looking at pop up events in different locations.  It’s really all about the enthusiasm and energy that people can bring to the project, so we hope everyone will come along and have their say.  The cafe belongs to all of us!

Meet up with us at 7pm Monday 16th November at the Juke Joint, 36 North Road, Lancaster.  The bar will be open.  Come in and find out what we’ve been up to, have a chat and get involved.