Lunesdale Bakery

lunesdale2Just before our November cafe, we got a message about a batch of bread that had not sold and that would go to waste if it didn’t find a home.   We picked up the bread and found that it was proper, good quality bread; absolutely perfect to accompany our soup or for baking up into a delicious bread and butter pudding!  The bread had come from the Lunesdale Bakery in Kirkby Lonsdale.  We got in touch with them directly and found out that they often had an over supply because demand varied from day to day, and they couldn’t sell yesterday’s bread.  Would we be interested in picking up bread and cakes on a regular basis they asked?  Yes, we certainly would!

We’ve been over to the bakery a few times now.  They call us when they have a batch of bread and off we go to Kirkby Lonsdale to collect.  The bakery are pleased that the bread is not going to be wasted, and we’re thrilled to get good quality bread of all types: granary loaves, soft buns, big country cobs.  The bread is not stale and we get it straight into the freezer to keep for the next cafe event.  Today we picked up four bin bags full of delicious bread that scented the car all the way back to Lancaster.  We don’t need that much bread for our next cafe, and so some of it has been diverted to the Robert Gillow community food initiative – more on this topic soon. Watch out for an interview with Mark Cutter, Lancaster hero!


The bakery also has cakes that are approaching their sell by date, and we get gingerbread loaves, buttercream sponges, orange cakes, and more.  We’re really thrilled to have made this connection.  The staff at the bakery are so warm, friendly and helpful; they really like the idea of contributing to our project.  The bakery also operates as a cafe with a cosy tea room behind the shop with a lovely warm fire.  We had some good coffee there today and can highly recommend the florentines!  If you’re in Kirkby Lonsdale then drop in and enjoy the fire, good food and friendly atmosphere.