Lancaster Pride

20th May saw us at Lancaster Pride… the town was bedecked in rainbows, the Town Hall flew a rainbow flag, and the Police wore rainbow epaulettes and rainbow boot laces, even the horses wore rainbow blankets.  The atmosphere was buzzing.

We served over 30 litres of chickpea and chard (donated by Claver Hill) soup and more bowls of noodles than any of us could count.   As usual we were complimented on the quality of the food, the curry, cooked by our new volunteer, Rick, and Elizabeth’s noodles, were pronounced the best ever by lots of people.  We made a HUGE carrot and banana cake, and lots of breakfast muffins,  with ingredients donated by Booth’s Garstang (thanks John).

The funniest thing happened – whilst I was chatting to a couple of firemen just outside the Gazebo, Elizabeth set fire to the wok.  Not just a few sparks, she had a pan of proper dramatic flames.  Not being able to get out of the gazebo for people, Elizabeth, the epitome of cool, calm politeness, said, ‘excuse me, I have a bit of a situation here, could I possibly get by’, the Fireman, at this point strolled over, took the pan, held it out in the rain, said, ‘there you go’, and carried on eating his noodles… the whole scene observed by around 15 of Lancaster Constabulary eating everything in sight 🙂