Get involved!

The People’s Cafe is doing what it set out to – using food that would otherwise be wasted, bringing people together and building community – and as it grows we could really do with more people to be part of it! That said, we understand people have different amounts of time and different skills – if any of the following jobs sound like they could be up your street please do get in touch

Ways to get involved:

  • Collect food from Fairshare in Preston (usually once a month on a Tuesday)
  • Plan a menu for one of the cafes, or cook a dish (usually once a month and you’d need to do some online food safety training)
  • Build links with local organisations (such as children’s centres)
  • Cook at a cafe event
  • Transport food / equipment
  • Look for future venues
  • Support with admin and funding bids
  • Train up to take a lead on our development projects (no prior experience needed, you’d just need to be able to communicate effectively, to plan and hold a driving licence)

There’s also more info about different opportunities on our Volunteer page – if you are interested either come and talk to us at the cafes or drop us a message.