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Donate or Contribute To The Cafe

Lancaster People’s Café is a new project, entirely staffed and run by volunteers.  We are working hard to establish the project and have had great feedback and encouragement.  Community is created by people coming together and the café is part of that.  The café provides a space where anyone can come, feel at ease, and mix with different people.  Everyone can get involved if they want.  This café has grown out of our community and feeds back into our community.  It is not for profit, is not a multinational or a faceless chain.  This is the people’s café!

To help the project take off, we need people to help, and we need funds or donations in kind.  Maybe you support our values of social inclusion and our aim of contributing to a less wasteful food system, but you don’t have time to volunteer?  Making a donation will help us to keep growing.  Maybe you have resources that we could use, like kitchen or catering equipment, signage or materials to help create a bright and cheerful café environment?  Maybe you are a retailer or restaurant who would like to find a socially responsible way to deal with food waste?

We need money to pay for essential services like utilities and transport costs, and to upgrade equipment like cookware, crockery and cutlery, and to pay for ongoing improvements to our café space to make it accessible and appealing.  Your donation would really make a difference.